Ground Control Wheels 2019/20

Ground Control has been making wheels for a few years now. Known for their high quality frames most people don’t realize their wheels are even better. Their newest line of wheels has almost every size wheel covered. No matter your preference whether it be big wheels or small wheels GC has your back.

Ground Control 60mm 90a Black

The newest wheels Ground Control just released are their 60mm wheel but in all new colors. These come in the new CM formula which surpasses any of their previous wheels. Whether you like classic white/black wheels, or wheels with some color. They now have a 60mm wheel to perfectly match your setup.

Ground Control 60mm 90a White

Ground Control 60mm 90a Red

Ground Control 60mm 90a Turquoise

The Ground Control 64mm wheel are the most popular wheel in this size on the market, and for good reason. They’ve made this 64mm wheel for years now and they keep getting better. Perfect round profile with a nice solid feel to them. Their a great mid-sized wheel.

Ground Control 64mm 90a III Black

If you prefer wheels on the smaller side or ride 8 down/flat then the Ground Control 55mm and 57mm wheels are perfect for you. Both coming in 92a which is the perfect middle ground between slide and grip. The 55mm wheel features a larger flat area but still has a nice round profile on the side. The 57mm wheel also has great shape but with skinnier flat area.

Ground Control 55mm 92a

Ground Control 57mm 92a

If you skate an anti-rocker setup and prefer good ol’ urethane wheels in the middle. Then GC has that covered as well with their 45mm 52d anti-rocker wheel. 45mm is a great size that isn’t too big like some other anti-rockers. The 55d is rated differently then other durometers using the “101a.” They seem harder then usual but still have awesome rolling capabilities when you need them.

Ground Control 45mm Anti-Rocker

Ground Control also brought back their 72mm wheel. This was a very popular size when they made their BIG frame. Now with their new CM formula that’s used in the new 60mm, 55mm, and 57mm. This is a great wheel if you like larger wheels or have an Oysi frame setup. Very nice round profile that has a smaller core then most other 72mm wheels which provides a softer/smoother ride.

Ground Control 72mm 90a White

Ground Control also makes a nice variety of bigger wheels for the Urban/Freeskate category. Whether you want cruise around in some 80mm wheels or go for top speeds in some 110mm or 125mm wheels, GC can provide for whatever your preference.

Ground Control 80mm 85a White

Ground Control Freeskate V3 110mm 85a

Ground Control Freeskate V3 125mm 85a

If your thinking about picking up a set of wheels and have some questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

Or check out Rollerwarehouse.com

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