New Undercover Circus Wheels

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 New Undercover Circus Wheels 

New interlock core new faster and extra long lasting PU (Polyurethane) compound.

Super strong with perfect bonding offers a good amount of PU for a smooth ride and perfect grip.

 Exclusively poured in California, USA. Created with the finest PU and core compounds available in the industry. UC PU is the most durable, fast and grippy PU available

 Undercover Lomax Circus 60mm 90a

 Nick Lomax has been killing the blade game forever. He has slowly become a veteran on the scene and easily one of the best in the world. Lomax is known for going super tech and doing the most un-thinkable tricks. This is Nick’s preferred wheel profile, shape, and size so you know this wheel is ready for all out destruction of the streets. Undercover Bernal Circus 58mm 90a

 Carlos Bernal climed his way to a pro spot with his amazing big trick skating this year. Known for doing extremely difficult tricks on really big obstacles, you know these wheels have got to be rugged and long lasting. 

Undercover Eugen Enin Circus 60mm 88a

 Eugen Enin over the last few years has casually become known as one of the worlds best skaters. The guy destroys every skate spot in sight, with no limitations. You know your getting a quality wheel if Eugen gives the approval.

 Undercover Werbeski Circus 59mm 88a

 Speed profile! Dustin Weerbeski is known for his amazing experimental blading as well as laying down huge tricks on crazy obstacles. The new speed profile of this wheel will surely make for an interesting ride. These wheels will turn on the dime and not get hung up as easily on ledges when grinding.

 Undercover Abrate Circus 60mm 90a

 Roman Abrate shreds skateparks like no other and is a world known contest skater. Almost any trick is possible if you Mr abrate, and he chooses to do those tricks on Undercover wheels. His pro wheel is a special park formula so you know you’ll have a superior ride with these. Just because they are park formula doesn’t mean they’ll be great in the streets as well! 

 Undercover Eisler Circus 68mm 88a

 Made with a Superjuice Compound. Advanced aggressive technology for free skate wheels brought over to the aggressive market. This wheel size and compound are a great middle ground between larger wheels and standard street skating aggressive wheels. These fit great on Aeon skates, as well as GC Big frames.

If your thinking about picking up some new wheels, or just have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

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