NEW Gawds Wheels!

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 The new line of Gawds wheels… New interlock core new faster and extra long lasting PU (Polyurethane) compound.
Super strong with perfect bonding offers a good amount of PU for a smooth ride and perfect grip.
Exclusively poured in California, USA. Created with the finest PU and core compounds available in the industry. GAWDS PU is the most durable, fast and grippy PU available

Gawds E Rod Pro 59mm 89a Wheel
 Erick Rodriguez has been an up and coming skater and amazing filmer/editor for quite some time. Gawds decided to give E. Rod His first pro wheel. Features a nice pure white urethane with a gold grill graphic. Square profile 59mm wheel is perfect for the shredding around the streets as well as park, and great for impacts from big drops.

Gawds Julian Bah 2 Pro 60mm 88a  Julian Bah always comes with some good graphics on his signature wheels. This new J. Bah Gawds wheel is no exception. A cool mayan calendar theme in this wheel graphic. A 60mm rounded profile is amazing for park and street and feel awesome the moment you slap them on your skates.

Gawds Team Weed 2 60mm 90a
 Praise Jah. Gawds have blessed y’all with another dope 60mm wheel. Similar to the J. Bah but in a pure white urethane and 90a hardness. These wheels can handle everything you throw at them.

 Gawds Franky Morales 2 Pro 60mm 90a One of my favorite graphics of the bunch. The new Franky pro Gawds wheel features a gold watch graphic on a black urethane wheel. Same size and hardness as the Weed 2 wheel but in black. Perfect wheel to make any skate setup stand out that much more.

Gawds Dual Density 58mm
These are some of the coolest wheels I’ve seen in a while. The Dual Density styal wheels have gained popularity over the years. Most recently Undercover has finally dialed in the perfect formula for the dual duro wheel. The Gawds wheels are undercover poured and feature the same style Dual Density wheel but in black with a white core. Soft inner urethane with a harder urethan outside. Creates a nice shock absorbing/suspension effect. These wheels come in a 58mm size and DD hardness. You have to try these wheels to understand how nice they feel and ride.

If your thinking about placing an order or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

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